Monitor Energy Consumption

Reducing energy costs can significantly reduce product unit cost, improving performance and profitability.




Energy is fast becoming one of the highest cost elements of production and with the cost of energy rising, the need to reduce energy is becoming increasingly important.

Energy Audits

It is key to drill down into the factors that impact the energy efficiency of existing assets and machinery the most, in order to reduce and eliminate unnecessary energy costs. Savings start by monitoring and recording power consumption; so having the visibility and tools in place to identify the activities that waste energy and to put a strategy in place to reduce them. Reducing energy costs can significantly reduce product unit cost, improving performance and profitability. Create an energy management team with representatives from different departmental functions (maintenance, engineering, production, finance), to meet regularly to conduct energy assessments/energy audits; to monitor energy usage and evaluate potential energy reduction projects. It’s important to encourage everybody to get involved and to take ownership as part of a continuous improvement strategy.

Monitoring Energy

Applications and systems for monitoring and reporting water, air, gas, electricity and steam use can help make better decisions about energy. They can determine the primary factors that impact the efficiency of existing assets and machinery on a production line, in order to put an energy cost-saving programme in place. Manufacturing energy use can be tracked and monitored easily through sensors on production machinery/equipment. Access to real-time data can give a tangible insight into energy consumption trends after certain levels of consumption, non-productive periods, different times of day, production speed, peak/off-peak energy charges, and integrating with asset management for scheduling issues. Leverage improvements in existing resources to reduce overall operating costs.

Saving money and being responsible

Manufacturing enterprises are paying a lot of attention to energy efficiency and sustainable operations, as the factory floor is a major consumer of costly energy. Identifying key business processes and real-time energy parameters, energy monitoring systems can greatly reduce downtime, electricity, fuel usage, improve business efficiencies and ultimately save costs. Manufacturers are recognising the financial and environmental benefits of having sustainable business processes in place. Minimising the negative impact that energy has on the environment not only reduces overall operational costs but enhances a company’s reputation, improves employee satisfaction, supports a social responsibility future and a Continuous Improvement strategy.

MES Software

MES Software benchmarks performance and productivity, by collecting and aggregating data from virtually any source (PLCs, IIoT, ERP), to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence on your manufacturing operation. Our MES platform is powered by Parsec’s TrakSYS™ software.

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Discover where energy fits into your manufacturing business and the primary factors that impact energy efficiency. Find out how to reduce energy costs in three steps with this Cimlogic webinar.

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