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Need to reduce labour costs & optimise workforce performance?

Modern manufacturers face considerable labour challenges including workforce shortages, skills gaps and rising labour costs. This is concerning for manufacturers in high labour intensive, manual operations such as Food and Beverage and CPG, where labour is a high proportion of the unit cost. Labour uncertainties are driving manufacturers to explore new ways to control, monitor and reduce rising labour costs, whilst ensuring optimum workforce performance to achieve production targets.

Cimlogic's labour solution helps manufacturers reduce labour costs and improve labour efficiency in the production process:

  • Labour efficiency imageVisual data management for operator engagement
  • Replace inaccurate paper-based systems
  • Measure workforce performance against output
  • Track recovery rates - real-time profitability of jobs (cost of production against profit per product)
  • Real-time labour efficiency data to uncover the true cost of labour
  • Take advantage of TrakSYS™ tools for real-time labour management 


Would you like to understand what impact your workforce has on production costs and profitability? Register here to our upcoming webinar on Fri 6th Nov 2020 at 11am - Labour Variance in Manufacturing.

Labour variance in manufacturing - Webinar

Labour efficiency blogs 

Read our blog series exploring the common labour challenges facing the manufacturing industry: 

Blog #1 - What external conditions are impacting labour costs in manufacturing - Find out what external factors are impacting labour cost and what manufacturers can do now to mitigate the risk to profitability. 

Blog #2 - What is High OEE costing you? - Discover the importance of measuring OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and labour effectiveness KPIs together to optimise workforce performance to achieve production targets and maximise overall manufacturing productivity. 

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Cimlogic help manufacturers discover how efficiently they are utilising labour in the production process, to highlight cost savings and opportunities for improvement. To find out more please call us on +44(0)1274 599955 or email

Cimlogic is the sole UK Integrator and the UK Gold Partner of TrakSYS, designed and developed by Parsec Automation Corp.  Learn more about TrakSYS here: Why TrakSYS?

TrakSYS™ for the Operations Director

TrakSYS™ monitors all activities involved in the whole process from inputs to outputs, to finished goods, enabling you to plan and control production systems and processes. By gaining complete manufacturing visibility you can: monitor and analyse current systems of production and effectiveness; reduce production time and improve quality control; reduce operating costs by managing maintenance activities; oversee inventory management; eliminate waste and achieve operational efficiency.

TrakSYS™ for the Finance Director

TrakSYS™ enables improved return on assets and better utilisation of resources. TrakSYS™ enables you to identify savings; analyse waste; control inventory, material and overhead costs; monitor and control departmental budget; increase output and efficiency without capital investment and track site productivity driving continuous process improvement. TrakSYS™ will also enable the analysis of CAPEX projects from a strategic and financial perspective supporting the overall business strategy.