Manage Giveaway

how much product are you currently giving away?
how is this impacting your production costs (and profit)?

Need to reduce giveaway on fixed weight products, improve yield and achieve better scheduling?

More than 70% of UK food manufacturers have adopted 'overfill' to ensure compliance with Average Weight legislation; how much is this costing your business?  CImlogic's giveaway solution helps reduce overproduction on manufacturing lines:

  • Collate production data for real-time analysis
  • Analyse trends quickly via dashboard software reports
  • Set weight standards and/or giveaway rate targets to be quickly informed of anomalies
  • Take advantage of TrakSYS™ tools for real-time giveaway


Would you like to learn more about how to reduce giveway in your organisation? Watch our webinar on-demand here 'Reduce product giveaway in 4 simple steps'.

On demand giveaway webinar

Giveaway Analysis Report

Cimlogic's Giveaway Analysis report examines your fill volumes and processes and identifies where tangible savings can be made. This analysis provides real insights for those in technical, quality or operations management roles in manufacturing.

Identify the real cost of giveaway to your business in 4 simple steps:

Giveaway analysis reportGiveaway analysis report

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Weights and Measures (Packaged Goods) Regulations 2006

How do you comply with the regulations?  FMCG companies can take advantage of significant potential cost savings by implementing tools such as Statistical Process Control (SPC) to help management and operators reduce process variation.

Do you have a system that:
• is formalised and controls the production process?
• sets up effective samples and checking plans?
• stipulates an appropriate target quantity?
• controls limits?
• uses and maintains appropriate equipment for checking?
• trains staff?
• keeps appropriate records?

Parsec Corp's TrakSYS™ Quality Management software offers real-time SPC (process variability) which displays product or process measurements to control quality during the manufacturing process. Data can be gathered through manual input or seamlessly connect to in-line or offline measurement equipment. Through real-time alerts and notifications, adjustments can be quickly made to improve process capabilities and minimise the costs of poor quality or product giveaway.

Giveaway - Quality SPC ScreenshotTrakSYS™ SPC Report 

TrakSYS™ SPC module allows increased visibility into production operations including: status of Quality Control tasks, failed tasks, SPC violations, process performance and product quality trends. Quickly determine areas of the factory that require corrective action and prioritise your improvement plan.

Cimlogic is the sole UK Integrator and the UK Gold Partner of TrakSYS, designed and developed by Parsec Automation Corp.  Learn more about TrakSYS here: Why TrakSYS?

TrakSYS™ for the Quality Manager

Ensure quality and business objectives are aligned whilst eliminating non-conformance and meeting all regulatory compliance. With TrakSYS™ you can have complete supply chain management visibility ensuring that customer requirements and expectations are accurately identified; managing SOPs, tasks, accountability, traceability, audit trail, and analysis. TrakSYS™ accommodates operationally focused SPC to address variability and improve capability delivering on budget and profitability.

TrakSYS™ for the Operations Director

TrakSYS™ monitors all activities involved in the whole process from inputs to outputs, to finished goods, enabling you to plan and control production systems and processes. By gaining complete manufacturing visibility you can: monitor and analyse current systems of production and effectiveness; reduce production time and improve quality control; reduce operating costs by managing maintenance activities; oversee inventory management; eliminate waste and achieve operational efficiency.

TrakSYS™ for the Finance Director

TrakSYS™ enables improved return on assets and better utilisation of resources. TrakSYS™ enables you to identify savings; analyse waste; control inventory, material and overhead costs; monitor and control departmental budget; increase output and efficiency without capital investment and track site productivity driving continuous process improvement. TrakSYS™ will also enable the analysis of CAPEX projects from a strategic and financial perspective supporting the overall business strategy.