Cimlogic are the experts in industrial automation and process control! Integrate your Operational Technology system seamlessly with existing processes and systems to enhance your manufacturing operations.  We offer:

  • Latest technologies combined with highly skilled engineers from manufacturing and software development backgrounds.
  • Comprehensive project management and technical support, from initial concept and design to implementation, deployment and support services, all delivered in-house.
  • Management and supply of additional services eg control panel assembly and electrical installation work.

Cimlogic provide the following integration services:


Cimlogic are system integrators for a wide range of SCADA and HMI solutions. PLC Systems provide optimum performance through data, batch reporting, traceability, recipe control and integration with ERP and other business processes. We have extensive experience in programming PLCs, including network and control system design and development. Our SCADA systems maximise visibility of plant equipment, they are user-friendly with easy to use navigation tools and intuitive flow to every project.


Our engineers offer first class experience across a wide range of Legacy PLC and SCADA packages, offering modifications to existing systems as well as integration with more modern packages. Cimlogic also offers a range of upgrade services, and have upgraded, developed and integrated a variety of PLCs with modern and supportable automation equipment. The key reasons to upgrade are to prevent costly emergency call-out situations and to improve production throughput and PLC functionality.


All code is written in a clear and concise modular fashion, with S88 and OMAC methodology if required, all fully commented and documented. We believe in optimised standardised programming techniques to make future expansion easy to implement and maintain a common structure across all your systems. Object Orientated Design is one of our key attitudes to software development, allowing easy modification and improvement to the systems we implement.


We can configure multi-layer networks for a variety of control systems, offering full communication systems diagnostic testing. We are experts in cross-protocol communications setup and can adapt a wide range of systems to integrate with your site standard.


Detailed PLC and electrical control system layout design using AutoCAD or your preferred drawing package. We will provide detailed design documentation including BOMs, cable schedules and terminal connection diagrams.


We provide full control systems simulation using PICS Pro, alongside in-house functional acceptance testing (IFAT) and witnessed customer functional acceptance testing (CFAT) to ensure that the automation system meets all of your needs prior to site implementation.