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Measure OEE

Overall Equipment Effectiveness is an effective KPI to help improve the productivity of manufacturing processes and accurately measure true plant productivity:
- Availability
- Performance
- Quality

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Improve Visibility

Visibility of real-time Work in Progress (WIP) brings several benefits:
- Cost savings such as more efficient/reduction in WIP.
- Positive impact on operations including: extra storage space, less waiting goods and shelf life expiration - reducing scrap levels.

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Cimlogic utilises the latest hardware and software technologies and employs highly skilled professional engineers from manufacturing and software development to provide you with a bespoke OT system to deliver the best results.

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Paperless Manufacturing

Paperless Manufacturing can help achieve new levels of performance improvements such as improved quality, efficiency, visibility, compliance and traceability throughout the enterprise supply chain. Find out more

Manage Quality

Quality Management software facilitates the automation, standardisation and centralisation of quality process data and content, avoiding costly product recalls, reducing scrap and implementing HACCP. Find out more

Track and Trace

The ability to track, trace and record the genealogy of raw materials and Work In Progress (WIP) throughout each stage of production and product life-cycle is imperative - improving product quality, safety and transparency. Find out more

Monitor Energy

Controlling energy use reduces overall operational costs, enhances reputation, improves employee satisfaction, supports Corporate Social Responsibility and a Continuous Improvement strategy. Find out more

Manage Maintenance

Preventive and reactive maintenance needs to be controlled and managed effectively so equipment keeps producing high-quality product. Productivity is improved by minimising unscheduled equipment downtime. Find out more