Rockwell Automation

Cimlogic utilises the latest Rockwell Automation Systems to provide world-class automated solutions. PLC Systems provide optimum performance through data, batch reporting, traceability, recipe control and integration with ERP and other business processes. SCADA HMI solutions help to address productivity, innovation, and globalisation needs, whilst delivering critical visibility on demand and improve productivity at every level of an organisation.

We have extensive experience and expertise in programming all major brands and platforms of Rockwell PLCs and HMI SCADA, including network and control system design and software development.

Programmable logic Controller (PLC)RSLogix 5000 RFID
  • ControlLogix Control System

  • CompactLogix Control System

  • MicroLogix Control System 

  • RSLogix 5000

Human Machine Interface (scada hmi) RSLogix 5000 Dosing Control Screenshot
  • FactoryTalk

  • ThinManager 


SI Program Member

Cimlogic is a System Integrator Program Member of  Rockwell Automation and proud to have successfully implemented many Rockwell projects to a wide range of manufacturing industries. 

For further information regarding our Rockwell PLC integration services, please email us at or call us on +44 (0)1274 599955.

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