OEE Software

OEE Express Overview ScreenshotOverall Equipment Effectiveness is an effective KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to help improve the productivity of manufacturing processes and accurately measure true plant productivity. Its key measurable components are Availability, Performance and Quality.

Manufacturers can measure OEE manually, but collecting data is time-consuming, often inaccurate, and often analysed long after being collected, meaning the opportunity to improve has already passed. With real-time data collection, improvements can be made immediately, enabling visibility of operations and allowing business decisions to be made, driven by facts.

Improving Manufacturing Operations 

OEE Express OEE ScreenshotPowered by TrakSYS™, OEE Express is a decision support tool to improve overall manufacturing operations. You do not purchase the full TrakSYS™ MES solution, however, you have the option to add all of the TrakSYS™ modules on as business develops and as operations require it. As a full upgrade path exists, it is the perfect solution for those with a limited budget, those that just want to measure OEE and those that require a business case before implementing a full MES system.

OEE Express can be utilised to identify downtime reasons and their root causes, non-intrusively involve operators in productivity improvement, measure actual versus specified equipment performance, focus on the reduction of production losses (time, speed, quality), better understand the cause of equipment failure and improve preventive maintenance, compare performance across multiple lines and products and prioritise the improvement opportunities based on impact.

Easy to use, Fast OEE Solution
  • OEE Express Availability ScreenshotDesigned for customers who wish to begin with a simpler performance management solution

  • A completely streamlined project lifecycle comprising an initial exploratory workshop to define basic configuration

  • Requires little set-up time and is rapidly deployed with limited programming, infrastructure changes or disruption to production

  • Can be deployed for multiple (discrete) production areas (e.g. lines, cells, etc.) and is easily extended to other lines

  • Uses template-based configuration and comes with TPM centric, standard OEE reports

  • If future challenges require a further set of functionalities, the solution can be upgraded to the professional package without loss of configuration, data and reports

OEE Express Functionality
Automatic Data Collection
  • OEE Express Event OverviewA fast, easy to use and reliable out of the box solution powered by Parsec’s TrakSYS™ software

  • Rapidly set up and deployed using the OEE Express configuration templates

  • Utilise counters per line for accurate production measurement

  • Specify conditions for down, blocked, and starved states

  • Assign OPC tag inputs per line to automatically trigger events

  • All events support further categorisation for deeper root cause analysis

  • Lines may use a common shift schedule or define their own

  • Lines may use a common product list (SKUs) or define their own

Effective Operator Engagement
  • OEE Express Rate ScreenshotWeb-based interface requires no client installation

  • Allows operators to categorise and annotate production stoppage events

  • Allows operators to manually trigger production stoppage events

  • Enables product and job selection for production runs

  • Exposes real-time KPIs and production progress


Business Intelligence at you Fingertips
  • OEE Express TEEP OEE Waterfall ScreenshotPowerful web-based reporting, real-time and historical

  • Calculate and report many KPIs out of the box, including OEE, time analysis, MTBF and downtime  

  • Comparison reports for downtime and KPIs by lines and products


Cimlogic is the sole UK integrator of TrakSYS™, designed and developed by Parsec Automation Corp.

OEE Express for the Data Analyst

OEE Express puts business intelligence at your fingertips capturing key performance data from equipment and processes. By capturing data you can identify opportunities for improvement and effective decision making. It has powerful web-based real-time and historical reporting. It calculates and reports production KPIs, including OEE (Availability, Performance, Quality); time analysis (production rate and cycle time); MTBF and downtime. Comparison reports are available by lines and products.

OEE Express for the Finance Director

OEE Express provides a business case for optimisation of lines rather than overtime or new lines improving return on assets and the utilisation of resources. With OEE Express you can identify cost savings and analyse waste. With powerful web-based reporting, real-time and historical, it calculates and reports many KPIs including OEE (Availability, Performance, Quality); time analysis (production rate and cycle time); MTBF and downtime. Compare reports for downtime and KPIs by lines and products.

OEE Express for the Operations Director

By measuring and improving true plant productivity by recording downtime, speed and defect losses, you will reduce costs, production time and improve quality control. With powerful web-based reporting, real-time and historical, OEE Express calculates and reports KPIs out of the box, including OEE (Availability, Performance, Quality); time analysis (production rate and cycle time); MTBF and downtime. Compare reports for downtime and KPIs by lines and products achieving operational efficiency.