MES Software

MES (Manufacturing Execution System): sophisticated computer software that provides in-depth information, enabling improved productivity in manufacturing companies. Make your manufacturing processes more efficient, save money and be in total control of every element of your production.

TrakSYS dashboard showing real-time overviewAmong its many advantages, data analysis from your MES system provides great opportunities for measuring and improving KPIs such as OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), allowing you to monitor vital components of your manufacturing unit, such as quality and availability. The data you collect from your improvement activities means that you can focus on changes that will bring your production line up to optimal performance levels.


TrakSYS dashboard showing SPC overviewCimlogic is able to take the ‘best of the best’ technologies to build rapid and robust solutions. One of these solutions is TrakSYS a world-class, real-time performance management system, which delivers accurate, and actionable intelligence to the decision makers, for significant productivity improvement. Cimlogic is the sole UK integrator of TrakSYS, designed and developed by Parsec Automation Corp.


TrakSYS dashboard showing Historian trendA unified and integrated application with a comprehensive set of features and functions that include: Production; Planning and Scheduling; Traceability; Quality and SPC; Performance Management; Recipe and Batch Management; Weighing and Dispensing; Work-flow Management; Maintenance Management; Energy Management; Material Management; Historian and Enterprise Visibility.


TrakSYS dashboard showing event definition assignmentCimlogic has vast experience integrating MES solutions across a wide variety of manufacturing industries including; Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Food and Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, Animal Nutrition and Assembly.



 Cimlogic is the sole UK Integrator and the UK Gold Partner of TrakSYS, designed and developed by Parsec Automation Corp.  Learn more about TrakSYS here: Why TrakSYS?

TrakSYS™ for the Operations Director

TrakSYS™ monitors all activities involved in the whole process from inputs to outputs, to finished goods, enabling you to plan and control production systems and processes. By gaining complete manufacturing visibility you can: monitor and analyse current systems of production and effectiveness; reduce production time and improve quality control; reduce operating costs by managing maintenance activities; oversee inventory management; eliminate waste and achieve operational efficiency.

TrakSYS™ for the Finance Director

TrakSYS™ enables improved return on assets and better utilisation of resources. TrakSYS™ enables you to identify savings; analyse waste; control inventory, material and overhead costs; monitor and control departmental budget; increase output and efficiency without capital investment and track site productivity driving continuous process improvement. TrakSYS™ will also enable the analysis of CAPEX projects from a strategic and financial perspective supporting the overall business strategy.

TrakSYS™ for the Quality Manager

Ensure quality and business objectives are aligned whilst eliminating non-conformance and meeting all regulatory compliance. With TrakSYS™ you can have complete supply chain management visibility ensuring that customer requirements and expectations are accurately identified; managing SOPs, tasks, accountability, traceability, audit trail, and analysis. TrakSYS™ accommodates operationally focused SPC to address variability and improve capability delivering on budget and profitability.