Cimplicity SCADA

Cimplicity from GE Digital is an HMI/SCADA automation platform for applications of all sizes. It provides true client-server visualisation and control, from single machines to plant locations across the world, helping manage operations and improve decision-making for reduced costs and increased profitability. 

  • Operator Visibility and Control - Make more informed decisions with real-time visibility, whilst responding quickly using Cimplicity's robust control engine. 

  • Improve Operations - Powerful HMI/SCADA features allows teams analyse events that have occurred in the past. 

  • Enable Powerful Data Connections - GE's I/O drivers enable powerful data connections to devices, for control, data acquisition and visualisation ensure a fast and reliable connection. 

  • Flexible & Scaleable - Cimplicity offers the flexibility to meet your changing needs from one single machine control to a global multi-site deployment. 

  • Intelligence at your fingertips - Operators have access to the information they need anywhere, anytime and on any chosen device to enable better decision making and reduce errors. 

  • Detect speed problems and respond quickly to ISA and GE research-based design concepts for efficient HMI.

  • Reduce time-to-value with an object-oriented design for repeatability. 

  • Reduce Cyber Security threat with overall-certificate based communications. 

  • Boost security and reliability with the latest operating system and database updates, including Microsoft Windows 10 support. 

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registered solution provider 

Cimlogic is a registered solution provider of Cimplicity SCADA and proud to have successfully implemented many Cimplicity projects to a wide range of manufacturing industries. 

For further information regarding our Cimplicity SCADA integration services, please email us at or call us on +44 (0)1274 599955.

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