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Manufacturing Analytics

Data analytics allow improved decision-making around demand management/planning, supply planning and plant floor operations.

Manufacturers typically struggle to collate and make use of the abundance of data generated by the whole supply chain, from suppliers to production, delivery and consumer usage. Complex solutions could historically only collate information from specific operations or machines, and it might take weeks to identify issues in the manufacturing process. In today’s demand-driven world, consumers (and business decision-makers) will not tolerate waiting weeks (or even days) for answers. Manufacturers need visibility across the entire supply chain, allowing a true understanding of processes and challenges and the ability to optimise processes in real time.

What manufacturing analytics will support you in meeting business goals and gaining competitive edge?

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What is your data telling you? What more can it say?!

Cimlogic’s MES and SCADA IIoT solutions deliver Descriptive and Real-time analytics, via standard dashboards and reports, plus tailored options available from web-based configuration tools.  But, why stop there?

Cimlogic’s expertise in data analytics, IIoT, machine learning and edge computing allows clients to take advantage of the latest smart factory solutions, delivering actionable insights, when they’re needed! Cimlogic’s manufacturing analytics solutions are designed to collect and analyse data from appropriate sources to identify areas for improvement. These can include machines, people, and processes across the supply chain.

Data analytics allow improved decisions around demand management/planning, supply planning and plant floor operations. Cimlogic’s analytics expertise, combined with in-depth manufacturing experience, enable clients to implement analytics solutions delivering innovative process improvements and real business value.

Data Analysis Study

Cimlogic’s manufacturing performance data analysis study helps unlock the hidden gems in your data, identifying the potential benefits of machine learning and predictive modelling for your business.

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Step into the world of Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics with Cimlogic’s Predictive Manufacturing solutions.

Predictive Manufacturing

What business goals can manufacturing analytics help achieve?

Increase productivity and performance

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Connected supply chain

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Data-driven decision making

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Embrace digital in manufacturing

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Predictive Manufacturing Solutions

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Ensuring Success (RAISE™)

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