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Cloud-based Solutions

Cloud computing offers new opportunities for innovation and growth in manufacturing. Indeed, companies who do not embrace cloud technology risk losing out on opportunities for long-term growth.

Initially used for accessing and sharing data, cloud computing now allows manufacturers to connect machines, materials, and people in real time. So, why now?

Cloud computing offers the opportunity to invest in collaborative, time-saving applications which contribute to reduced costs and improved communications across the business.

Future-proof investments

Connect your Edge and IIoT devices via the cloud, enabling you to take advantage of enhanced analytics and AI capabilities.

Reduce costs

With reduced overheads for installation and deployment, production and operational costs are lowered, enabling more efficient manufacturing cycles.

Increase collaboration

All employees (and partners/suppliers) can have access to the same information, offering ease of collaboration, transparency and visibility. Break down silos with all stakeholders accessing the same data pool.

Effective tracking and traceability across networks

Managed by the cloud provider.

Scalability and on-demand delivery

Additional computing power, when you need it. Upgraded software availability, dependent on operational requirements, on-demand.  Flexible pricing options depending on usage.

Efficient data management

Store and manage data securely in the cloud, allowing all levels of the supply chain access to relevant information.

Reduced capital expenditure

Expensive infrastructure and hardware investment is no longer needed before the benefits of digital manufacturing can be realised.

What business goals can cloud-based solutions help achieve?

Increase productivity and performance

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Connected supply chain

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Data-driven decision making

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Embrace digital in manufacturing

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Predictive Manufacturing Solutions

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Ensuring Success (RAISE™)

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Latest News

ITI acquires Cimlogic

ITI, one of the UK’s largest independent systems integrators, has acquired Cimlogic, a leading digital manufacturing solutions and services provider to some of the world’s largest manufacturers.

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Cimlogic achieves a +60 global Net Promoter Score

Cimlogic is proud to share that our global Net Promoter Score (NPS) has reached +60 points and we are consistently achieving above industry benchmarks.

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Meet our team – Daniel

Employees are our greatest assets and the heart of our business. As part of our new ‘Meet the team’ series, we’re introducing the people behind the scenes. Introducing Daniel, Senior Software Developer at Cimlogic.

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Quality Management Checklist

Download Cimlogic’s Quality Management guide for expert advice on how to improve yield, reduce waste and avoid damaging product recalls.

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