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Does your maintenance support increased productivity? Is maintenance helping you meet production schedules?

Manufacturing maintenance teams are challenged with ensuring maximum availability of machinery and equipment to increase production capacity and efficiency. One of the key roles of maintenance is to keep production lines running without unplanned downtime; keeping machinery serviced, updated and running effectively to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and stoppages.

Maintenance Management Checklist

Read Cimlogic’s guide to effective Maintenance Management for top tips on how to optimise maintenance processes, meet production schedules and improve productivity.

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Built on the MES TrakSYS™ platform from Parsec Corp, Cimlogic’s maintenance solution, including reactive maintenance, asset management and preventive maintenance modules helps manufacturers meet production schedules, reduce downtime, reduce repair costs and improve productivity:

  • Enable accurate business planning based on true maintenance costs
  • Understand accurate labour requirements to service your plant
  • Understand the true cost of your machinery (is it costing more than it is worth?)
  • Ability to plan maintenance according to live production schedules – single-view visualisation of production and maintenance data
  • Enable smarter decision-making (auto-escalation of unanswered queries allows real-time intervention based on business priorities)
  • Better visibility and management of maintenance activities, including resources, spare parts, equipment failure, breakdowns, their frequencies, and root causes
  • Improved KPIs; Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), equipment downtime, Planned Maintenance Percentage (PMP), Schedule Compliance etc 
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What causes high maintenance costs?

  • High maintenance costs can be experienced as a result of a number of things, such as; unplanned downtime, equipment faults, breakdowns and lost production from quality, time or speed. Even if equipment is operational, it may not be running at maximum speed, it may break down too regularly resulting in inconsistent product quality, excess waste, whilst disrupting planning and scheduling. Establishing the root causes of high maintenance costs is the first step to managing and reducing these costs.


  • Unplanned maintenance results in lost production, higher part costs, and lost time for fixing the problem; costing significantly more than planned maintenance. Preventive maintenance can be planned, reducing the costs as shut down can be planned to coincide with production downtime. Therefore, preventive and reactive maintenance needs to be controlled and managed effectively to keep equipment producing consistently high product quality. 

“Machines change quickly, as quickly as you can push a button, and people change over time. That said, we engaged our teams so that they knew what to expect, and now, well, TrakSYS has become so integral to what we do. We’d feel like we were operating in the dark if it was no longer available.”

Bernard Longmore, VP of Engineering, WaterWipes

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Cimlogic helps manufacturers discover how efficiently they are utilising maintenance in the production process, to highlight cost savings and opportunities for improvement.To find out more, just get in touch.

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What business goals can improvements to maintenance help achieve?

Increase productivity and performance

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Connected supply chain

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Data-driven decision making

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Embrace digital in manufacturing

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Ensuring Success (RAISE™)

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