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Connected Supply Chain

End-to-end supply chain visibility in a connected world

With ever increasing consumer choice and the demand for flexibility and agility to meet this demand we need Agile, Connected Supply Chains to support:
  • Individual products and service
  • Customisable offerings
  • End-to-end visibility
  • Instant responses
  • Introduction of new products
an artistic representation of a supply chain

Connect your supply chain and rise to the demand-driven challenge! 

The traditional view of a flat supply chain is no longer valid.  All parts of the supply chain need to be connected and the demand understood from each upstream and downstream process.

For many years the ‘Make’ (manufacturing core) space has been seen as a ‘black box’ with no real visibility of what is actually going on past an initial planned demand forecast.  In a complex supply chain with multiple suppliers and manufacturers before the end goods are produced, this ‘black box’ becomes an increasingly important component.

A sequence of steps can be taken, using Digital technology to support the Agile Connected Supply chain:

Within the factory
  • The provision of an Integrated Enterprise – removing the silos from core manufacturing systems (MES, PLM and ERP)
  • Closing the loop on Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) with integrated production scheduling systems
  • Providing full visibility to a connected worker
Supply Chain Insight
  • Gaining insight from the supply at the ‘Edge’ and coordinating this to a central knowledge platform in the Cloud.
  • Providing operational visibility (with the addition of SCADA IIoT edge sensors) of key processes, production, transportation etc.
  • Utilising Predictive Manufacturing to go beyond traditional Analytics and provide insight into cause and effect in the complete supply chain.

Why do manufacturers talk to Cimlogic?

  • To gain an understanding of how their products are used.
  • Shortening the time to market for new products
  • What can they learn from their customer?
  • Can they create additional services?
  • In regulated industries, how to provide end to end traceability and understand what really affects costs and quality

How will a connected Supply Chain meet your business goals?

Increase productivity and performance

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Data-driven decision making

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Embrace digital in manufacturing

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Edge to Cloud

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Enterprise System Integration

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