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Edge to Cloud

Embracing the world of connected operations and data-driven decision-making

Data is king, and manufacturers are striving to harness the power of their data.

Cimlogic’s Edge to Cloud solutions help manufacturers access and analyse data, which most companies didn’t think was possible!

You probably already have all the data you could ever need (and more); you just need to get at it and you’ll be able to realise the value locked within it.

Cimlogic provide effective and secure methods to capture data from your assets using the latest technology, industrial standards, and edge data processing.

This enables manufacturers to uncover hidden benefits (such as resolving quality and compliance issues, reducing time to market, reducing waste and increasing productivity).  Remember, you already have the data you need to address these challenges, but by connecting your assets and collecting the data, you can then add the context needed to realise the benefits, fast, with future scalability.  Is it time to make decisions based on data, not just opinion?

Cimlogic’s Edge to Cloud solutions help address the key challenges in data collection and analysis:

  • Legacy systems which prevent companies from realising the benefits of IIoT
  • Different levels of automation and infrastructure across sites.  Data spread across multiple on-premise systems with no central reporting facility.
  • ‘Stranded’ or remote assets which may have been previously unreachable, or located outside your network.

In addition, Cimlogic’s Edge to Cloud solutions enable:

  • An effective and secure means to capture the data in your production assets using the latest technology standards and Edge data processing
  • Building intelligence back into site assets – making use of processing power at the Edge.
  • Closing the loop.  Analysing information in the Cloud and feeding back required changes to the Edge.

A diagram of link between physical world (Edge) and Digital world (Cloud)

Harnessing processing data to the rest of the enterprise, Cimlogic supports real-time, accurate decision-making and, importantly, enables a closed loop feedback to the operational assets.

Many manufacturers collect data from the physical world (‘the Edge’), convert it to the digital world (‘the Cloud’) and do little else with it (apart from maybe some analytics).

In today’s digital manufacturing environment, turning this information into knowledge and wisdom is essential.  Once Cimlogic help you collect the data (including that from previously unreachable assets), this can be converted to usable information.  Don’t make the mistake many companies make and lock this away in the Cloud!

With the advent of AI and machine learning, the opportunities for competitive edge are increasing.  Cimlogic add context and subject matter expertise, as well as data analysis, delivering knowledge and wisdom from your data.  The real value which follows is allowing this wisdom to be embedded back at the Edge to support operational staff to make decisions in real time (a key ingredient of the Smart Factory).

Manufacturers typically have problems accessing data from unconnected, legacy or manual processes, resulting in business decisions based on opinion rather than fact.  There is a temptation to just buy piece of Edge to Cloud technology and assume it will solve the problem. But with hundreds of Cloud providers and Edge devices on the market it can be hard to decide where to start.  Cimlogic understand manufacturing AND technology.  It’s all about the processes and getting your data, in the right format, from A to B (to C) and back again to support your business.

an artistic representation of the cloud
two people shaking hands with a glow resembling a digital globe surrounding them

Cimlogic work with manufacturers, equipment vendors, and enterprise system providers to understand the current infrastructure and challenges, to recommend and implement the best Edge to Cloud solutions for the individual client, allowing businesses to: 

  • Leverage previously inaccessible data spread across multiple systems.
  • Improve visibility across sites, to more fully engage with the workforce and create a culture of Continuous Improvement
  • Implement analytics at the Edge
  • Make decisions based on consistent, high quality data. Edge to Cloud offers seamless data collection from key data points, from Shopfloor to Cloud.  

Cimlogic’s solutions are built with data use in mind, turning your OT data into valuable business insights.  Business problems are not solved without data, but it’s a case of garbage in, garbage out!  By connecting asset or process data to the rest of the enterprise we enable accurate, real-time decision making and enabling a closed loop feedback to the operational assets.

Our success and experience in manufacturing means our solutions can target the key sources of data to drive business value and support business integration through smart, connected supply chains.


Does this sound like your business?

“We need to collate information from multiple MES solutions.”
“It’s so difficult because data spread across multiple on-premise systems and spreadsheets.”
“We want more time to focus on value-added activities rather than analysing spreadsheets!”
“How do I know which product to choose? What should I implement first?”
“We need contextualised data for our analytics project.”

Cimlogic understand the challenges manufacturers face (and what the solutions might be), the shopfloor technologies, the cloud and how to connect them securely, empowering our clients to make decisions based on timely, accurate data from across the enterprise.

We offer independent expertise; we’ll assess your factory, business goals and current infrastructure and identify relevant solutions.  There is no ‘one size fits all’.  Cimlogic are able to combine business insight with ‘best of the best’ technology and services.  

Cimlogic understand the shopfloor, the technology, and everything in between.  Independent of specific vendors or platforms, we take a business-oriented approach – what’s best for your business?  What data do you need? Where? Who is it for and what do you want to use it for?

Cimlogic understand the challenges manufacturers face, the shop floor technologies, the cloud, and how to connect them securely.

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