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Edge to Cloud

Embracing the world of connected operations and data-driven decision-making

Cimlogic understand the challenges manufacturers face (and what the solutions might be), the shopfloor technologies, the cloud and how to connect them securely, empowering our clients to make decisions based on timely, accurate data from across the enterprise.  

Independent of specific vendors or platforms, Cimlogic take a business-oriented approach – what’s best for your business?  What data do you need? Where? Who is it for and what do you want to use it for?


What data do you need? …

Global Production Visibility

I need global visibility, insights and reporting. How are we performing, plant to plant?

Distributed Asset Visibility

How can we maintain and replenish assets around the globe proactively and efficiently (rather than too often or too late)?

Innovation & Time-to-Market

I want to know how my products are consumed, to understand my customer and gain insights for product development

Productivity & Quality

How can we improve our understanding of performance, quality or compliance issues? We want to enable knowledge sharing and insights across teams and sites.

Connected Supply Chain

We need to understand balance, cost and throughput in the supply chain, and visibility of constraints.

Predictive Manufacturing

We want to realise Industry 4.0 goals and gain predictive insight to remain ahead of the competition

Global view of Sustainability

How can we deliver on our sustainability targets, and ensure we’re using energy efficiently?

Access and analyse data using Edge to Cloud solutions

Cimlogic’s Edge to Cloud solutions help manufacturers access and analyse data, which may otherwise seem impossible!

Most manufacturers already have all the data they could ever need (and more); they just need to access it to be able to realise its value.

Cimlogic provide effective and secure methods to capture data from your assets using the latest technology, industrial standards, and edge data processing.

This enables manufacturers to uncover hidden benefits (such as resolving quality and compliance issues, reducing time to market, reducing waste and increasing productivity).  Remember, you already have the data you need to address these challenges, but by connecting your assets and collecting the data, you can then add the context needed to realise the benefits, fast, with future scalability.  Is it time to make decisions based on data, not just opinion?

Physical to Digital to Physical – enable intelligent closed-loop control based on real-time analytics and machine learning.

Harnessing processing data to the rest of the enterprise, Cimlogic supports real-time, accurate decision-making and, importantly, enables a closed loop feedback to the operational assets.

Many manufacturers collect data from the physical world (‘the Edge’), convert it to the digital world (‘the Cloud’) and do little else with it (apart from maybe some analytics).

In today’s digital manufacturing environment, turning this information into knowledge and wisdom is essential.  Once Cimlogic help you collect the data (including that from previously unreachable assets), this can be converted to usable information.  Don’t make the mistake many companies make and lock this away in the Cloud!

With the advent of AI and machine learning, the opportunities for competitive edge are increasing.  Cimlogic add context and subject matter expertise, as well as data analysis, delivering knowledge and wisdom from your data.  The real value which follows is allowing this wisdom to be embedded back at the Edge to support operational staff to make decisions in real time (a key ingredient of the Smart Factory).

Cimlogic’s Edge to Cloud solutions enable:

  • An effective and secure means to capture the data in your production assets using the latest technology standards and Edge data processing
  • Building intelligence back into site assets – making use of processing power at the Edge.
  • Closing the loop.  Analysing information in the Cloud and feeding back required changes to the Edge.

Cimlogic work with manufacturers, equipment vendors, and enterprise system providers to understand the current infrastructure and challenges, to recommend and implement the best Edge to Cloud solutions for the individual client.

an artistic representation of a supply chain

Edge to Cloud – client solutions

Global logistics company

Needed to reduce service costs, whilst meeting customer demand and achieving on-time, quality delivery targets with 99.99% uptime.

Cimlogic’s solution enabled standardised, global visualisation of warehouse operations, conveyor throughput and utilisation management.

This enabled faster implementation of new distribution centres, with reduced training costs. Centralised IT infrastructure management saved costs and increased uptime.

Leading industrial manufacturer

As part of a carbon-zero by 2050 pledge, this manufacturer needed to meet strict energy reduction targets, with no visibility previously (across 90 sites) of how energy was used.

Cimlogic’s WAGES solution enabled collation of energy consumption (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) data centrally, allowing real-time monitoring and alerting of site-level energy usage, combining energy and production data for monitoring and targeting.

The existing platform and infrastructure provided the data source, and rapid global deployment has enabled the company to adjust customer billing to account for energy usage.

Luxury food manufacturer

This growing company struggled for capacity and had no operational visibility. 

A wireless, 4G to cloud, IIoT templated, standardised, centrally-managed solution was delivered as a SaaS model hosted by Cimlogic.

Benefits included a short time to value (data on day 1!) with immediate insights and improvements.  Operations were engaged in performance management and 10% capacity gain was achieved in year 1.

Does this sound like your business?


“We make poor investment choices based on bad data or opinion, rather than fact.”

“We spend too much time collecting data manually.”

“Our data lacks the context required to understand it”

“My data is on non-standard technologies from multiple vendors”

“Our existing infrastructure is complex and expensive to update.”

“Our data is unreachable and spread across disconnected systems.”


Cimlogic understand the challenges manufacturers face, the shop floor technologies, the cloud, and how to connect them securely.

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