Getting the best from your manufacturing systems and processes

Having the right Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or Operational Technology (OT) is only one part of the bigger picture. In order to maximize manufacturing efficiency, your staff members need to know how to get the best from your process control systems – which is where Cimlogic training courses can help.

By training your team, they will be able to troubleshoot problems and ensure that your manufacturing activities are always at their most efficient. Our TrakSYS™ MES training courses cover the product from a basic level all the way to advance configuration, whilst also giving a comprehensive overview of the system as a whole.

Our OT system training courses don’t come in a ‘one size fits all’ package. We understand that individual organisations have different requirements and that the knowledge and abilities of their team will also vary.

With this in mind, Cimlogic has a range of client-led training courses available with selectable modules depending on your needs, allowing you to meet your objectives while getting great value.

We offer a variety of MES and Operational Technology training packages which can be conducted at our Head Office. We also offer site-based delivery of our training courses on request.

Class sizes range from three to eight per course, if undertaken at the Cimlogic HQ, and if you are not local to the area, we will be able to advise you of where to stay and activities that you and your team can enjoy when training has finished for the day, ensuring you get the most from your time in Yorkshire.

Training courses available:    

TrakSYS™ Introduction Training

TrakSYS™ MES Comprehensive Training

GE Cimplicity SCADA Training

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training. Download brochure here

Modicon PLC Training Using Modsoft

Rockwell PLC Training

Siemens PLC Training

For further information regarding the training courses provided, please email us at or you can call us on 01274 599955.

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