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Quality Management Checklist

Cimlogic help manufacturers bring quality management and operations together seamlessly, to highlight ways to improve yield, reduce waste and avoid costly product recalls.

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Top tips to improve your quality processes

The role of quality management within a manufacturing environment is essential to maintain customer relations for positive brand reinforcement, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.

Read the quality management checklist to gain expert insight into the common quality challenges facing food and beverage and FMCG manufacturers and what steps can be taken to improve quality processes.


1.  Avoid costly product recalls

Quality issues such as product recalls can be time-consuming and costly, not forgetting the damaging effects on brand reputation.

Are all of your products sent out with the knowledge that it is a safe, well produced product, suitable for customer consumption?  It is essential that affected products are identified quickly and accurately, but eliminating these common quality problems completely and reducing the number of defect products can encourage a healthier bottom line.

Do you have the ability to identify all parts, materials, and components that created a final product?

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2. Reduce high levels of scrap & giveaway

One way to cut production costs and to improve overall efficiency is to reduce the amount of scrap and rework produced. High scrap levels can lead to high material costs and lost production time.

Do you feel as though your company has a high level of scrap and giveaway?  Determining current scrap rates and the main causes of scrap is the first step to managing it.  Set goals for improvement and educate everyone as to what those goals are.

Reduced scrap levels can save time, reduce interruptions to the production cycle times – and ultimately result in the production of higher quality products first time round.  Replacing paper-based methods with electronic systems can help you to identify root causes for scrap and rework, enabling you to better manage scrap levels and set goals for improvement.

3. Minimise mix-up risks

Preventing product ingredient mix-ups is vital to avoiding cross-contamination, costly product recalls, and for maintaining product safety and quality.  Do you have a platform to monitor and manage quality issues, such as mix-up prevention?  It can help standardise local and global quality processes in order to improve the way that quality is managed and controlled.

Visibility of real-time quality information enables quality managers to monitor events such as material mix-ups or non-conformance, therefore they can identify effective resolutions to reduce future events from occurring.  Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), barcode technology and vision systems can be used as a tool alongside an Electronic Quality Management System (EQMS) to adopt mix-up prevention techniques.


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