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OEE Guide: 20 Best Practices to improve OEE & Productivity

Are you embarking on a manufacturing productivity journey but unsure where to start? Download the OEE guide for expert advice on what makes a successful OEE project, and how to ensure it delivers tangible results.

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5-step guide to ensuring Digital Transformation success

How is your Digital Transformation strategy shaping up? Are you unsure where to start or how to make progress? Cimlogic discusses the key consideration to make when starting a Digital Smart Factory journey, in this…

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Article: Where are you on your Smart Factory journey?

Are you embarking on a Smart Factory journey, but not sure where to start or how to make progress? Download this article for top tips on what makes a successful Digital Manufacturing project, and how…

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Energy Management Checklist

Download Cimlogic’s Energy Management guide for expert advice on how to improve operational efficiency, reduce waste and achieve your sustainable manufacturing goals.

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MES Project Success Guide

Read Cimlogic’s guide to MES project success for expert advice on how to justify an MES investment and secure enterprise-wide engagement to ensure a successful project which delivers the expected business value and ROI.

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Maintenance Management Checklist

Read Cimlogic’s guide to effective Maintenance Management for top tips on how to optimise maintenance processes, meet production schedules and improve productivity.

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Other Resources

Track & Trace Brochure

Download the Cimlogic Track & Trace brochure to learn how to gain end-to-end enterprise traceability and improve overall operational efficiency.

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Life Sciences Case Study – Ignition SCADA

Download the Case Study to learn how Cimlogic worked in partnership with a global Life Sciences organisation to design and implement a comprehensive Ignition® SCADA software solution for increased competitive advantage and reduced maintenance costs.

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Cimlogic to become ITI Group

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Effective Quality Management

Watch this on-demand webinar ‘Effective Quality Management’ hosted by our partner, Parsec Automation Corp to discover how a real-time, data-driven quality management solution can help manufacturers gain real-time visibility of quality issues to improve yield,…

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How to Succeed with Digital Transformation: Your Roadmap to Plant Floor ERP Integration

Digital Manufacturing solutions and plant floor data can unlock what’s happening throughout your manufacturing process to feed enterprise decision-making. Watch this on-demand webinar with Cimlogic’s Mark Girard (North American Sales) and Chris MacKellar (North American…

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