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What are your sustainability KPIs?

Are you confident that your manufacturing processes minimise negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and natural resources? Companies who practice sustainable manufacturing can reap the benefits, from reduced resource and production costs to enhanced recruitment ability, increased sales and brand popularity.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Manufacturers are increasingly focussed on sustainability objectives throughout the organisation, as these become ever more fundamental factors for any growth and global competitiveness strategy.  Reducing waste and embracing environmental initiatives cannot be ignored; companies engaged in sustainability programmes cover all sizes, ages and sectors. Cimlogic help clients address and reap the benefits of sustainable manufacturing:

  • Reduce costs and waste to improve operational efficiency
  • Reach new markets/customers and gain competitive advantage
  • Strengthen brand reputation and gain public endorsement
  • Enhance long-term business viability and growth
  • Adhere to current and future regulatory legislation and opportunities.
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Find out more about Predictive Sustainability with Optimised Energy Consumption:

  • Correlate energy usage with production data.
  • Accurately predict your demands on utilities to reduce over production.
  • Optimise production times in order to minimise utilities consumption.

Contact Cimlogic for support on your sustainability journey: how to address sustainability in a coordinated, planned manner, ensuring business values and goals are achieved. We’ll work across business functions, focusing on the long-term objectives and working collaboratively with all stakeholders.

Energy Management Checklist

Read Cimlogic’s  guide to effective Energy Management for top tips on how to improve operational efficiency, reduce waste and
achieve carbon reduction goals.


How does Cimlogic help you to achieve this goal?

Ensuring Success (RAISE™)

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Connected Supply Chain

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Embrace Digital in Manufacturing

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Energy Management Checklist

Download Cimlogic’s Energy Management guide for expert advice on how to improve operational efficiency, reduce waste and achieve carbon reduction goals.

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Energy Brochure

Download the Cimlogic Energy brochure to learn how to gain real-time visibility of energy usage to achieve your carbon reduction goals.

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