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On-time In Full Delivery

On-time delivery is a common manufacturing KPI, but can be notoriously difficult to measure, let alone achieve. Manufacturers need to understand the drivers behind delivery performance, including lead times, forecasting, and effective product management.
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Optimum Delivery Performance

Why can it be so difficult to deliver what your customer needs, in the quantity needed, on time, every time?  In a nutshell, due dates get moved, margins for error are allowed to increase and companies try and impose lead times on consumers.  But ultimately it is the consumer who decides how good a company’s delivery performance is – and it should not come as a surprise.

Whilst achieving optimum delivery performance is a crucial KPI, this needs to be achieved without costs rising unacceptably, or by extending stated lead times or forcing other restrictions on customers.

Evaluating the Supply Chain

Cimlogic supports manufacturers in addressing the challenges of OTIF delivery, evaluating the whole supply chain to understand potential issues and bottlenecks, and delivering innovative solutions to address these.   Areas such as:

  • Lead times: how long does it take to process an order, replenish raw materials, manufacture and distribute your products?
  • Demand and supply: how accurate is your forecasting? Are you realistic about fluctuations and taking steps to mitigate these?  Can you reliably plan capacity and labour, as well as engage in informed negotiations with suppliers?
  • Effective product management: do you know which products are most profitable, and what each costs to make? Do you have multiple product lines, of which many are slow-moving items with erratic demand?
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There will always be a compromise between inventory, cost, and delivery. Cimlogic can support you in selecting the best tools and solutions to maximise on time in full delivery across your supply chain.

If on-time in full delivery is high on your agenda, speak to us today.

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How does Cimlogic help you to achieve this goal?

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