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Increase Capacity

Are capacity constraints hindering output?

What impact do they have on customer relations?

Need to increase capacity to meet customer demands?

Do you have real-time visibility of capacity to schedule production effectively and understand the capacity required to make more product with the same resources?

Many companies routinely hit capacity constraints and immediately consider adding overtime for existing workers, hiring new staff for a new shift, or buying a new production line. Manufacturers often overlook the benefits of optimising the efficiency of existing equipment and production lines. To meet customer demands and stay competitive an organisation’s ability to improve capacity utilisation, whilst reducing operating costs, has never been more important.


Cimlogic help manufacturers uncover their true capacity to fulfil production output, improve customer relations and reduce cost per unit by:

  • Reducing process variability
  • Reducing changeover times
  • Improving operator performance
  • Reducing overtime expenditures
  • Improving the bottom line of production operations
beer bottles being transported quickly on a production line

Do you have the systems and processes in place to answer these questions accurately and explore capacity challenges further?

  • What’s my cost per unit (labour included) and how long does it take to make a product?
  • How do I get more output from the same amount of labour?
  • I want to expand our products – do we have the capacity to do it?
  • Are we investing in the best areas of capacity improvement?
  • What is the cost of losing a customer due to poor lead-times and unfulfilled orders?
  • How can I collect the right data and insight to make accurate supply and demand forecasting decisions?
  • I want better visibility of processes such as inventory planning, production scheduling, sourcing and capacity planning to enable improved integration across the supply chain – how do I do it?

Manufacturers who have the insight to answer these questions will be able to maximise output and overcome capacity constraints whilst improving the integration of other key processes across the whole supply chain.

Capacity Utilisation Insight

Read our capacity constraints series of blogs and articles below:

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Blog: Capacity Management in Manufacturing.

Read this blog as we explore the common internal bottlenecks which affect manufacturing capacity and what steps can be taken to understand the true causes of capacity constraints, whilst overcoming them for improved efficiency.

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If increasing capacity in manufacturing is high on your agenda, speak to us today.

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How does Cimlogic help you to achieve this goal?

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