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Full Visibility of Enterprise Assets

Today’s manufacturers understand the benefits of a truly connected supply chain, drawing together disparate systems and partner networks to enable end-to-end flow of data – delivering information in a timely manner, to the right place. A truly integrated view across the company (including suppliers, customers, and manufacturers) can offer 100% visibility in real-time, supporting both current and future business decisions.

Asset Management

Faced with complicated supply chains, many manufacturers face the challenge of how to effectively identify and analyse data on their assets.  The benefits, however, are invaluable:

  • Reduce waste – find what you need, when you need it.
  • Accurate future planning – know where your assets are and ease of deployment.
  • Inventory – accuracy in planning and forecasting.
  • Increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

Enterprise asset management can provide real-time insight and visibility into virtually all physical assets, and across the maintenance, repair and overall supply chain.

Can you provide your users with timely and accurate information on location, movement, status and identity of products/raw materials, personnel, equipment and supplies?

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Contact Cimlogic today for support in collecting, consolidating and analysing information on all types of assets, across the enterprise:

  • Improve operations through better asset availability, reliability and utilisation.
  • Extend the value (and useful life) of assets or equipment; improve ROI and delay new purchases.
  • Unify processes for asset management functions across multiple sites.
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