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Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Manufacturers in 2020

January is a good time to reflect on your achievements over the previous year and to plan where you want the business to be in the coming months. Each year brings opportunities and challenges, so read our top five New Year’s resolutions as part of your 2020 goal to drive manufacturing improvement.

#1 Embrace continuous improvement  Continuous improvement is at the heart of any LEAN Six Sigma initiative. From shop floor operators to the board of directors, buy-in is needed from everyone involved in the process, to help engage with technology for maximum return on investment.

#2 Grab the ‘low-hanging fruit’ – Select something that can demonstrate value quickly and easily such as line speed, short stops and changeovers. When real value is exposed, manufacturers are more likely to reinvest in another improvement initiative.

#3 Take the small data approach – There is a lot of talk about the value of data these days, “data is the new oil”. Big data is about machines, whereas small data is all about people. Very little investment and time is needed to gain tangible benefits from a small data set.

#4 Collect meaningful data  We’re led to believe that we should capture as much data as possible and push it into the cloud. Before you start collecting as much data as possible, ask yourself this: what problem are you looking to solve; what data are you looking to capture; and how are you going to visualise the data?

#5 Consider smart devices – Technology is considerably cheaper nowadays, as shop floor data can instantly reach the decision makers using technologies such as IIoT, mobile devices and cloud computing. Smart devices and wireless connectivity remove the need for large, costly infrastructure projects. This enables manufacturers to access data quickly to fast track their continuous improvement journey.

Watch Cimlogic’s Webinar ‘Small Data, Big Wins’ on-demand here https://youtu.be/EwsVfYMcWmc?t=1

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