Industry 4.0 fatigue? Want to improve but not sure where to start? - Yorkshire Insider 'Ask the Expert' series

Blog series from 2017 as featured in the Yorkshire Insider

The last 12 months have been challenging and uncertain for many manufacturers, particularly those producing food and beverages. The devaluation of sterling, high import costs and the uncertainty of Brexit, are all adding additional external headwinds to an industry that already runs on tight margins.

The Government's Industrial Strategy stated that increasing productivity will be key in ensuring that U.K. manufacturing thrives; one of the suggested ways manufacturers can improve productivity is investing in Industry 4.0 technologies.

But, with 99% of the manufacturers in the U.K. being SMEs, how do they improve efficiency and increase productivity, without huge IT expenditure and disruption? How do they know where to invest their limited budget, and if new technologies will really deliver on what they promise? This 'Ask the Expert' series featured in the Yorkshire Insider which informed manufacturers to start small and what they can do to minimise the risk when taking the leap of faith.


Industry 4.0 - Just where do SMEs start? Fraser Thomson of Cimlogic gives an overview of why the last 12 months have been challenging for manufacturers and what industry 4.0 technologies need to be invested in.


How can small- and medium-sized businesses improve productivity with their existing assets? Steve Wilkinson of Cimlogic gives his views.


Has your current operation hit capacity or could your productivity increase with sustainable improvements? Steve Wilkinson of Cimlogic offers his advice on finding the balance between people and technology.