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Cimlogic in 2020 – ‘Coping with COVID-19’

It’s no understatement to say that no one could have predicted how 2020 would unfold.  From initial excitement at the novelty of working from home (a couple of company-wide practice runs in February to test the logistics of not being able to access the office) when a short lockdown was anticipated, to the dawning reality of the ‘new normal’.  As ‘lockdown 2’ is underway, with no prospect of office working anytime soon, Cimlogic can be justifiably proud of the way staff have adapted to the unprecedented circumstances, from sales and marketing through to operations, delivery and support.  New contracts have been won, existing client projects completed, and worldwide support contracts delivered – from living rooms, kitchens, and (for the lucky ones) home offices around the country.

There’s lots to be proud of in the last 8 months:

  • Remote commissioning of new systems: never contemplated in 2019, but successfully completed in 2020 at multiple client sites, nationally and globally.
  • New client wins: in an uncertain market where companies have had to rein back their plans, Cimlogic have recorded multiple new business wins from UK manufacturers. And not just in the UK market – a system implementation in Germany is scheduled as well as two new global support contract wins.
  • New staff recruitment: not only have Cimlogic successfully avoided furloughing any staff, there have also been several new hires (software developers and a new MD). Recruitment is ongoing for additional roles. Remote onboarding has been challenging but successful as new staff are welcomed to the Cimlogic team.
  • Accreditation renewals: both Investors in People (Silver accreditation) and ISO 9001 recertification have been achieved in 2020 – well done team!
  • Online meetings: business-as-usual now, with some interesting positives. Shortened timeslots (reducing meeting times by 5-10 minutes) to allow for breaks, no time wasted in commuting, and employees still ‘see’ each other regularly.  Recently an initiative of ‘no meeting Wednesdays’ was introduced to reduce otherwise hectic meeting schedules and allow a focussed workday without interruptions.

What about the social side?

  • Friday pub nights: how to replicate the social element of office work? Remote pub nights of course! Weekly get-togethers go a long way to maintaining the social interaction with colleagues, engaging in Friday quizzes, games and music nights which often last far into the evening.
  • Mental health awareness: conscious that lockdown restrictions can prove challenging for a variety of reasons, employees have been encouraged to speak to colleagues regularly, take time for their own wellbeing and work flexibly to allow time for fitness and childcare etc.
  • As Christmas fast approaches and the office party plans are put on hold, Cimlogic are organising a ‘Virtual Christmas Party’. Some details are still tbc but will include annual awards, a quiz, talent contests and the obligatory food and drinks.

Whether 2021 will offer respite from COVID-19 remains to be seen, but Cimlogic have accepted the changes, adapted to new processes and seen success in all parts of the business in one of the most challenging years for a generation.

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