Cimlogic celebrates new Darktrace contract

Cimlogic have enjoyed a fast start to 2019, signing up their first Darktrace client of the year, an international food and beverage company with locations worldwide.  As with all manufacturers in the food and beverage sector, they rely on availability and reliability of key machinery from corporate IT networks to operational technologies.  Undetected cyber-attacks can cost irreparable damage to finances and reputation.  Manufacturers worldwide are increasingly aware of the increased risk of cyber attack, and are acting to improve security practices.  Cimlogic became an implementation partner for Darktrace in 2018, in response to the growing requirement for cyber security solutions in manufacturing companies. 

With over 5,000 deployments, Darktrace is the world’s leading cyber AI company, having identified over 60,000 threats which would otherwise have gone unnoticed.  This is one area in which companies do not seek front-page headlines.  Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System is relied on to detect and fight back against cyber-attacks in real time. The self-learning AI protects the cloud, SaaS, corporate networks, IoT and industrial systems against the full range of cyber-threats and vulnerabilities, from insider threats and ransomware, to stealthy and silent attacks.  Some real-world threats uncovered by Darktrace implementations range from criminals hijacking services to mine for bitcoin, to company employees stealing data – all had occurred despite traditional cyber security controls like firewalls and anti-virus, and were stopped before damage had occurred.

For more information on AI in cyber security and Darktrace, please contact Cimlogic on 01274 599955 or email