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CEO end of year message for 2021

This year has gone very quickly, although for Cimlogic the majority of it has been spent working remotely.

In 2019, we had an office full of like-minded individuals providing and supporting “Digital Transformation” to our clients. We did so with no concept, that actually Digital Transformation was to become the fundamental strategy for companies to weather the storm of what turned out to be the most challenging year of business for many in 2020.

In 2020 organisations had to pivot, they had to adapt and very quickly, they had to be ready to think differently and be ready for anything. Each had to take a stance – batten down the hatches or evolve – each constrained by the uncertainty of what would happen next.

For those determined to evolve, Digital Transformation accelerated very rapidly beyond ‘plans in principle’, ‘think tanks’ and ‘5-year visions’ to become an absolute immediate necessity requiring very tangible and immediate action.

Corporations found ways to accelerate the implementation of technologies such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Something that would normally take 12 months, happened within days.

Although I have used the words ‘corporations’ and ‘technology’ it is important for me to explain my view of the world.

Corporations do not exist in their own right – they exist because of their people, their suppliers and their clients. Technology does not drop from the sky, it is shaped by people, for the needs of people.

It is fair to say that Digital Transformation happens because of the needs of the market – however, a bigger part of the credit goes to the dedication, spirit, determination and energy of teams working collaboratively within organisations to make things happen.

Cimlogic is no exception to the rule – in 2021 I have witnessed our very passionate team working to help our clients (existing and new) benefit from digital technology and at the same time, we have been transforming ourselves.

I am proud of what I have witnessed – the willingness to adapt, to think differently, and to try; the confidence to not always be right, the determination to learn from mistakes, and belief that we do make a difference. Above all, I have seen a client-centric focus that puts client outcomes at the heart of everything we do here at Cimlogic.

It always comes down to people and the ability of organisations to provide an environment where employees can be the very best version of themselves every day.

2021 has been a great year for Cimlogic. Our team set up an office in Canada, they implemented a methodology to help our clients benefit from Digital Transformation, which goes beyond just talk and plans. A methodology that exists and is enacted at every stage of our client interaction from unearthing the pains, to ensuring that our clients get the maximum value from their technology investments. Our team has developed an enormous volume of effective solutions which address a wide variety of typical manufacturing pains and provide a platform for our clients’ future growth.

So as 2021 draws to a close – once again, it has been the passion, determination and belief of our team working together to make Digital Transformation and opportunity a reality.

I would like to wish all our clients, partners and colleagues a peaceful festive season and prosperous 2022. The team at Cimlogic looks forward to working closely with you in the new year and beyond.


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