Big data should start small

Industry 4.0 technologies are enabling manufacturers of all sizes to embrace technological advancements in order to increase productivity.

Data Connectivity

Collecting data from your plant is getting easier and does not have to be costly. You may need to get data from legacy old style machinery to new smart machinery and instruments, or you may just need to benchmark where your current operations are, in order to identify opportunities to improve.

It’s imperative for manufacturers to objectively understand what is happening within their operations. This can (and should) be achieved one step at a time. Recording critical data and maximising its value can boost your improvement journey. Optimised data enables better and faster decision-making, increased productivity and reduced costs.

Information Connectivity

Collecting data on its own without context is of limited use. Knowing that you made 350 cases yesterday is interesting, knowing how many you made each hour becomes more interesting. Adding other dimensions like the product type or shift, really starts to bring to life the possibility of accelerated improvement. Here you are answering the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’ type questions.

Knowledge and Insight

Now that you have quality information based on good data you are ready to start the real work, and start to answer the ‘why’ type questions. Why are your batch times so irregular? Why does one product perform better than another on the same line? Cimlogic use analytical tools and manufacturing expertise to bring insight to the things that are very hard to see.

Developing Operational Wisdom

Data, information and knowledge are all about the past. What about the future – what are you going to do to improve things? Cimlogic have a wealth of knowledge, working with the best manufacturing minds to fix the root causes of your issues. Sometimes this is a technical fix, but it is often related to poor processes, a misunderstanding of why things are being done a certain way and inconsistent approaches.

Achieving Operational Excellence is a journey, and one that is now supercharged by data and information. Cimlogic provides visual and real-time information to kick start your Industry 4.0 journey. Cimlogic can close the loop on data, information and knowledge, allowing you to become a world class performer, leveraging Industry 4.0, no matter what your size, in a cost effective and scalable way.