RAISE™ is our client centric methodology for solving problems and realising value. It combines the latest technology solutions and technical expertise with a real focus on people and culture. RAISE™ is the way Cimlogic work and is embedded in everything we do. We take our client though every stage of the RAISE™ process, ensuring maximum return on investment while establishing a long-term trusted partnership. We aspire to be an integral part of your continuous improvement journey, helping you to engage with technology and adding value at every step of the way.

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We work collaboratively to understand your current business needs and challenges. We will help recognise and clarify the problem being experienced, and work with our industry best practices to help identify the correct solution. Cimlogic will draw on our experience working in multiple manufacturing sectors to ensure that your needs are correctly qualified, so that the chosen solution meets and exceeds your expectations.



By understanding your core business needs and challenges, we can analyse the cost of the problem to the business and develop a solid return on investment together. If the cost of the problem is unknown, we can provide the skill set needed to develop a solid business case and justification. It’s important at this stage that both parties understand the importance of completing a cost-benefit analysis to ensure that Cimlogic’s solution drives value to the business. 

    What to expect:

We provide the solutions needed to meet your business requirements; aligning closely to your expectations whilst providing industry best practice to deliver additional tools that drive your continuous improvement journey. We are agile in the way we work to ensure constant communication between ourselves and our clients dedicated project management resource. We have expertise in implementing world class roll out solutions to a global manufacturing client base.

    What to expect:

We provide tailored support packages to ensure the right level of support is delivered to our clients. Tailored operator training is available in all areas of your business (IT, OT, CI). Proactive data driven discussions are encouraged to drive value to your business from the information we are collecting.

What to expect:

Cimlogic have an Operational Excellence, LEAN Six Sigma philosophy. Success criteria are defined early on and are continually evaluated throughout the RAISE™ process to ensure we meet and exceed them. We constantly check that the solution is providing value to you by providing our Operational Excellence resource to facilitate improvements, knowledge transfer and system enhancements. Cimlogic offer continued support, advice and guidance to get the most out of your investment and to ensure a successful project for both parties.

   What to expect:

Your Goals

Have you hit capacity constraints? Do you want to reduce downtime? Would you like to measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) as a critical KPI? Would you like to automate your manufacturing processes? Do you want to improve quality? Whatever your goals are, Cimlogic will work with you to optimise processes, drive productivity and ultimately increase your bottom line.

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Complete Manufacturing Execution System (MES) consultancy: design, implementation, analysis and support services.

Cimlogic is able to build robust solutions, continually exploring ways to improve your manufacturing processes, ensuring optimum performance and fast ROI.

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With strong technology partnerships, Cimlogic selects the ‘best of the best’ software products and solutions to drive manufacturing productivity.

For small, medium or large enterprises, Cimlogic provides support and a range of market-leading MES, OEE, SCADA and PLC systems to suit the unique needs of its customers.

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