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Protecting your Investment


To get the most out of your solution and ensure it meets any future challenges head on, it is important that you protect your investment with the correct level of support and maintenance. With the correct support you can have the peace of mind that your investment will remain up to date, benefiting from new and emerging features, delivering on expectations and rapid ROI, whilst protecting your solution from any unsupported technology.


As one of the leading computer integrated manufacturing providers on the global market, we have complete confidence in our TrakSYS™ MOM systems and OT systems – but we also appreciate that software sometimes requires maintenance and you want the peace of mind that comes with access to reliable support services.


A Cimlogic Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a subscription-based service with an annual fee and it includes several support elements, varying in degree, depending on which package you have selected. The SLA includes access to support (depending on your level of cover), service reviews, backups and report creation.


Having a comprehensive SLA (which includes an Service Maintenance Agreement) means that not only is your application supported through the SMA and you will receive access to software version updates and patches, Cimlogic will also support the underlying TrakSYS™ solution, ensuring you benefit from all of the assurances set out in your chosen SLA option.


Service Level Agreement customers will have access to the customer portal, containing all of the information related to your systems and where issues can be logged. Your employees will be invited to attend webinars, focusing on tips and hints that can help you get the most out of your software. Customers will also receive an invitation to the annual Cimlogic customer conference and be eligible to become a member of the customer user group, where peer support and collaboration can be sought from other customers. Customers who subscribe to this service will also be included on all Cimlogic news updates, ensuring you stay on top of all future developments.


To see which level of cover would be the most appropriate to protect you and your business, please view the options below.

Manufacturing Operations Management/ Operational Technology
Operational Support from Cimlogic
Operational Support
Training Servicesw
SLAs/SMAs - Annual Support Options
Ops support platinum
Silver and bronze
Ops support SMA
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