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Our MOM/OT services include:



Cimlogic have a range of training courses available with selectable modules, allowing for flexibility to accommodate any specific needs for your organisation. We offer a variety of TrakSYS™ MOM operator, administrator and automation software training packages to help your team develop a range of skills and abilities, which are usually conducted at Cimlogic’s head office or by special request, at your site location.



We offer a mentoring and consulting service for evaluation and pilot/proof of concept TrakSYS™ MOM projects and ongoing system improvements. We have the option of providing a comprehensive pilot study or proof of concept project in order to establish the feasibility of implementing a MOM system for your business. We’ll present a detailed report for your reference, providing a summary of the findings and recommendations.


Site based system maintenance

All of our SLAs include site based maintenance to ensure the reliability of your system. Proactive maintenance such as system backups, database maintenance, error log checks and configuration checks give you the peace of mind that your system is being cared for by the experts.


Performance data analysis

Cimlogic are the experts in manufacturing improvement and as such are best placed to advise you on the data collected by your MOM system. Our support team can identify and report on recently collected data to notify you on areas of concern, system trends and identify improvement areas in your process.



Alongside the TrakSYS™ MOM and OT systems we provide, we also offer a range of Service Level Agreement (SLA) options to suit your needs. Support calls are managed by our dedicated support team in order to provide you with a rapid response time. Continuous Improvement After completion of your TrakSYS™ MOM or OT project, we can provide Continuous Improvement activities to enhance or add features to the existing system, whether the requirement is to further boost productivity, reduce waste or improve quality.


Operational Excellence

Our Operational Excellence consultants support our customers in order to define, plan and execute their business strategy. Our consultants measure the market changes and adapt the business strategy to improve compliance, quality, cost or growth. Operational Excellence can focus on improving:


  • Output or service – Improving OEE, plan attainment and on-time, in-full delivery to customers. 
  •  Costs (Fixed/Variable) – Improving direct and indirect labour using organisational optimisation (training, coaching, restructuring etc.); or improved process costs, such as material yields or energy efficiency.
  • Capital employed – Analysing the performance of assets throughout their life cycle and determining the optimal asset management strategy (improved maintenance, spares management, or asset replacement) to deliver the strategic objectives.
  •  Risk management – Analysing the voice of the customer and regulatory bodies and closing the gap on complaints and non-conformances such as product defects or process deviation-reduction.
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