Go Paperless for Increased Manufacturing Intelligence and Visibility

Potential Value Gains – Paperless Manufacturing
Reduce waste by more than 2%
Reduce Labour costs associated with collecting paper records

Paperless Manufacturing

Using paper based manual systems can result in inaccurate information and cause poor decisions to be made. World class manufacturers are replacing paper based systems with electronic systems to enable more accurate real-time manufacturing intelligence which will have an immediate and positive impact on operations, needed for effective decision making. Paperless Manufacturing can help achieve new levels of performance improvements such as improved quality, efficiency, visibility, compliance and traceability throughout the enterprise supply chain. Replacing paper based systems also enables management to drill down into historical data needed for product recalls and compliance issues but also as a tool for visibility of the complete factory to compliment Continuous Improvement efforts.

Quality Process Control Sheets

Collecting and recording quality and safety data using manual Quality Process Control (QPC) sheets can often lead to inaccuracies and to a slower response to quality concerns and events. Electronic signature sign offs of QPC sheets will encourage operator involvement in quality improvements and ensure that procedures are adhered to, resulting in improving product quality.

HACCP Sheets

Recording and monitoring Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) manually using HACCP sheets can often be inaccurate and can lead to a slower response to quality concerns and events. An electronic Quality Management System (QMS) can include electronic HACCP sheets, which enables compliance and quality issues to be monitored proactively, increasing the response time to quality events, improving on time deliveries and product safety.

Electronic Batch Records

In regulated industries there are strict standards when it comes to storing data such as quality records of operations, procedures, processes and production events. Electronic Batch Records (EBRs) comply with 21 CFR Part 11 standards and manage audit trails defined by workflow and procedures to improve quality and performance management. EBRs can manage tasks and operations related to batch and recipe execution and make it easier to perform quality checks, and regulatory tasks. Having the ability to create and store Electronic Batch Records enables batch performance and batch data such as actual vs target to be monitored and analysed more effectively. Access to EBRs gives complete visibility of current and historical information which can be difficult to administer with a manual paper based system.

Standard Operating Procedures

Enforcing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and processes can increase compliance, maximise product safety, and ensure consistent quality is met whilst improving operational efficiency. Storing SOP production line documents electronically rather than paper based ensures better change management, more effective staff training, better process control and being able to develop and enforce standard operating procedures, workflows and electronic work instructions.

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