Complete Manufacturing Visibility Across Global Supply Chains

Potential Value Gains – Manufacturing Visibility
Reduce WIP Levels- Complete MOM orders on time
Increase Capacity/output of existing resources
Achieve >90% On-time delivery (OTD)
Reduce Inventory and stock holding by more than 10%

Global & Local Visibility into Production

Bridge the gap between the plant floor and the enterprise. Extracting real-time manufacturing data and business intelligence across all manufacturing operations, from local sites to multiple global sites, for complete visibility into production processes is an invaluable business tool.
Visibility in the short term for local production cost savings in the form of improving inefficiencies, cutting costs and analysing production processes can bring significant benefits. But a longer term perspective has to be adopted by using local benefits to scale across multiple sites to extend value beyond the plant. Visibility can quickly deliver vital information across the entire manufacturing enterprise.
Having a lack of visibility and knowledge into production processes and inefficiencies can really impair the quality of decision making. Implement processes and systems which provide the data and information needed to collaborate between departments and make sound business decisions.


Visibility of real-time work in process (WIP) throughout the value stream translates into cost savings such as more efficient/reduction in WIP. Real-time visibility of WIP on the shop floor can have a positive impact on operations including; extra storage space, less waiting goods and minimise the risk of shelf life expiration – reducing scrap levels. Information on why items are waiting too long, and what effect one process has on another is vital and can significantly reduce cycle times.


Effective inventory management is essential for any manufacturing business. Optimum inventory management is having visibility of stock levels and the location of materials. Balancing the need for product availability against the need to minimise stock holding and handling costs. Visibility into current inventory levels in storage and being able to track and locate the movement of items will help improve on time fulfilment of customer orders.

Real-time Data

Readily accessible real-time data helps key decision-makers make better informed and effective decisions across the manufacturing operations functions. Manufacturing and financial executives, directors and managers are all challenged to answer questions quickly based on current real-time quantitative data such as Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for meaningful action. Real-time data enables the collaboration between departments which enables key personnel to make sound business decisions with less effort.

Supply Chain

Full visibility of the complete enterprise wide supply chain network and operations enables stricter control across regions, divisions, partners and suppliers; allowing for a better understanding of production for LEAN manufacturing and Operational Excellence. Visibility can quickly deliver vital information across the entire supply chain for immediate action to resolve business or plant operational activities. Single system and process standardisation between plants and vendors will simplify material flow management and reduce total cost of ownership.


Effective planning and scheduling ensures that production lines are working at maximum capacity and efficiency at all times. Schedule adherence through real-time production data allows manufacturers to measure and record factors which may affect On Time, In Full (OTIF). Visibility into whether or not production is running at maximum possible output with the available resources is vital to plan whether extra capacity is needed in certain months of the year to keep up with seasonal changes or market demand. Visibility into capacity requirements and trends helps to schedule production and organise available resources better to establish whether or not there is capacity to make more and sell more product.

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