Reduce Maintenance Costs for Operational Efficiency

Potential Value Gains – Maintenance Management
Preventative maintenance cost reduction of 30% less than reactive maintenance
Significantly reduce maintenance spend


Preventative Maintenance & Asset Maintenance Management

Maintaining equipment pro-actively such as testing, measuring and replacing parts are specifically performed to prevent faults from happening, to keep equipment in a working order and to extend the life of equipment. Unplanned maintenance as a consequence of failed equipment is very costly and can greatly impact on production downtime planning and scheduling. Corrective maintenance occurs after a piece of equipment has failed, and is neither prevented nor predicted. Unplanned maintenance costs results in lost production, higher part costs, and lost time for fixing the problem; costing significantly more than planned maintenance. Preventative maintenance can be planned, reducing the costs as shut down can be planned to coincide with production downtime. A Maintenance Management System (MMS) will manage day to day operating costs and eliminate extra capital expenditure. Productivity can be improved by minimising unscheduled equipment downtime, and getting maximum value out of your assets. Having real-time visibility of equipment faults/breakdowns, their frequencies, and root causes, will bring a fresh perspective to better manage maintenance activities, PM, resources, spare parts, and cost. The operations-related approach to managing maintenance activities delivers improved KPIs (Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), downtime, Preventative Maintenance (PM) intervals, Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), labour, and parts). Preventative and reactive maintenance needs to be controlled and managed effectively so to keep equipment producing consistently high product quality. PM can help reduce costs, equipment failure, and production downtime, whilst increasing the longevity of equipment. Technologies that determine and record equipment failure are key to reducing unplanned downtime whilst increasing operational efficiency.

High Maintenance Costs

High maintenance costs can be experienced as a result of a number of things, such as; unplanned downtime, equipment faults, breakdowns and lost production from quality, time or speed. Determining how much, where and why the costs are occurring and establishing the root causes of high maintenance costs is the first step to managing and reducing these costs.

Spare Parts

Spare parts can be used in unplanned or planned maintenance activities, but costs can often spiral out of control. Even if equipment is operational, it may not be running at maximum speed, it may break down too regularly creating inconsistent product quality – which generates too much waste, uses more energy and disrupts planning and scheduling.  Having real-time visibility into maintenance management operations will enable better management of spare parts for improved production schedules and product quality.

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