Solutions for Continuously Improving Manufacturing

Reaching operational excellence and world class manufacturing status is the goal of many modern manufacturers.

Manufacturers need the ability to adapt manufacturing processes and systems quickly to ever changing market conditions in order to achieve objectives such as improving supply chain visibility, improving  efficiency, increasing quality, meeting regulatory compliance, improving product genealogy and traceability, reducing energy costs and becoming an enterprise wide ‘LEAN’ manufacturing operation.

A good step to achieve these goals is to work with experts and thought leaders in the industry who have a proven track record in implementing smart manufacturing systems for sustained excellence and success.  

Cimlogic provide a wide range of solutions that help our customers achieve the many challenges faced by today’s manufacturers. Our experts here at Cimlogic offer a complete Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) consultancy, design and implementation service, providing considerable benefits to your manufacturing processes and providing a simple solution to ensure optimum performance.

MOM or Manufacturing Operations Management; is a sophisticated computer software that provides in-depth information to allow businesses like yours to improve their productivity. This makes your manufacturing processes much more efficient, saving you money and putting you in total control of every element of your production.

Further benefits of Manufacturing Operations Management

Because we have vast experience of integrating MOM solutions across a wide variety of manufacturing industries, we can manipulate this exceptional software in order to meet your specific requirements.

Among its many advantages, data analysis from your MOM provides great opportunities for measuring and improving KPIs such as OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), allowing you to monitor vital components of your manufacturing unit, such as quality and availability. The data you collect from your improvement activities means that you can focus on changes that will bring your production line up to optimal performance levels.

Overall benefits of MOM include:

  • Measure and improve productivity levels
  • Real-time data for real-time results
  • Improve asset use, yield, uptime and capacity
  • Reduce manufacturing downtime
  • Reduce energy and material waste
  • Reduce paperwork
  • No need to change infrastructure
  • No disruption to the manufacturing process
  • Achieve optimal levels of OEE and efficiency
  • Improve return on capital through increased asset utilisation
  • Reduce maintenance costs by optimising scheduled maintenance activities
  • Reduce cost of overheads such as overtime
  • Qualify new suppliers of raw materials

Introducing TrakSYS MES

In 2009 we were proud to be given the honour of UK distributor for an MOM product called TrakSYS™ developed by Parsec Automation LLC. This world-class system is our ‘toolbox’, giving us a fantastic platform from which to develop MOM and OEE solutions for our customers. With our unique relationship with the developers, Parsec, we have firsthand access to a great source for sharing ideas and technologies to further utilise the benefits of this MES product.

If you’d like to learn more about the TrakSYS MOM platform, you can browse our website to learn more about the industries we work in and the services we offer – or simply give us a ring on 01274 599 955 or drop us an email with your questions or requirements.

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