MOM Solutions for Life Sciences

  • Increase
    • Process Quality
    • Optimal Recipe Lifecycle times
    • Optimal Workflow and Manufacturing Processes
  • Reduce
    • Batch Review Cycle times
    • Lead time across all Activities
    • Labour, Materials, Time, and Energy Waste
  • Deliver
    • Standards and Regulation Compliance (such as 21 CFR)
    • Track and Trace Management using Electronic Device History Records (eDHR)
    • Root Cause Analysis and Alerts for better Performance and Quality

Cimlogic has an extensive knowledge of working with global biotechnology and Life Science companies, by implementing Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) systems and ensuring quality results throughout their business.

Life Sciences manufacturers are faced with several obstacles when it comes to manufacturing Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices and Life Science products.

They must meet strict regulations regarding environmental issues, undergo Quality Control (QC) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) measures, and keep Electronic Batch Records (EBR) throughout the manufacturing process. Yet, as one of the most regulated industries, Life Science manufacturers must still keep their product pricing competitive, and to achieve this, their operations processes must be at their most efficient whilst maintaining quality and meeting those compliance requirements.

Cimlogic has integrated Manufacturing Operations Management systems into the global healthcare, and Life Sciences industry with great success optimising the workflow and manufacturing processes. MOM has allowed our customers to comply with strict standards and regulation and delivered root cause analysis and alerts for better performance and quality, therefore lowering the need for investigation.

MOM Systems allow manufacturers to keep accurate real-time Electronic Batch Records (EBRs), as well as offering a reliable solution for performance management, quality improvement, productivity and much more. TrakSYS delivers Electronic Device History Records (eDHR) and also supports compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 standards through the management of electronic records, audit trails (defined by workflow and procedures), and electronic signatures.

As an active part of the manufacturing process, MOM can help reduce waste through labour, materials, time and energy, improve compliance and performance of products through track and trace management and allow manufacturers to meet the optimum lifecycle times whilst meeting tighter margins.

Implementing MOM Systems offer many benefits to the Life Sciences sector, including a fast and effective solution to improve output, quality, reporting, and the bottom line, whilst meeting regulatory compliance – offering real-time data and information for analysis and action.

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