MOM Solutions for Chemical and Petrochemical

  • Increase
    • Efficient environmental monitoring and testing
    • Performance of process capabilities
    • Standardisation and streamlining quality control testing
  • Reduce
    • Operational Lead time
    • Labour, Materials, Time and Energy Waste
    • Costings
  • Deliver
    • Defined Product Specifications and Safety Requirements
    • Customised Regulatory Reports
    • Ensure Secure Operations and Operator Accountability

For manufacturers in this sector, production must be safe and reliable, especially when you consider the significant losses that can result from unit shutdowns and other related issues.

Petrochemical manufacturers must meet strict standards and regulations, but must ensure high productivity to meet supply and demand without losing product quality or yield.

Our clients in this sector, including refineries and off shore platforms, come to us seeking a reliable and secure solution as part of their Manufacturing Operations Manufacturing (MOM) requirements. MOM tools enable an objective and collaborative approach between operations, maintenance, and engineering staff allowing them to maximise the performance of their systems.

Cimlogic’s expertise in implementing MOM in this industry means manufacturers can ensure efficient environmental monitoring and streamlined testing, and guarantee products meet defined specifications and safety requirements for regulatory compliance.

MOM systems can customise regulatory reports to help reduce costs and secure lean methodology, it can also supply real-time data to secure operations and ensure operator accountability for issues and defects on the production line.

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