MOM Solutions for Agriculture, Animal Nutrition

  • Increase
    • On-Time Delivery
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Traceability and audit trail response times
  • Reduce
    • Lead times
    • Contamination issues
    • Operator Error
  • Deliver
    • Optimised works order scheduling
    • Customer confidence
    • Reductions in cost base

Cimlogic has plenty of experience in providing Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) for the agriculture and animal nutrition sector, working with large companies in the industry to provide high quality solutions to their manufacturing needs.

The agriculture and animal nutrition sectors have extremely strict standards and regulations, and because of this, it is vital that manufacturers in this industry be able to track and trace products for optimum traceability and product safety.

Implementing MOM systems into the manufacturing process permits manufacturers to have detailed access to reports and real-time data, meaning they can review and analyse the production process from start to finish. MOM systems ensure track and trace management to comply with product recall and safety measures and allows the manufacturer to retain a consistently high quality control and yield, whilst controlling costs more efficiently.

We provide complete turnkey manufacturing operation solutions which seamlessly integrate MOM with Automation processes and systems. One of our most recent projects involved a fully automated powder mixing facility complete with integrated reporting functionality and batch control system for one of clients.

Watch a recent YouTube video of a new premix facility at Premier Nutrition.

For more information about our Track and Trace solutions click here or if you’d like to find out more about integrating Operational Technology with MOM click here or call us on 01274 599 955

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