Secure by Design webinar – Cyber Security within manufacturing

Post by Claire Healey on Monday 26th June

Chris Borrowdale, the IT Manager at Cimlogic will be hosting a webinar: ‘Secure by Design – should cyber security be a concern for every manufacturer, now or in the future’ on Thursday 13th July. 

Manufacturing was the second most cyber-attacked industry in 2015, and worryingly the number of attacks on industrial SCADA systems doubled from 2013 to 2014, as these systems are increasingly connected to corporate networks and the internet.

Hackers have a lot to gain from attacking manufacturers such as: acquiring valuable intellectual property and confidential data on product designs; ransom money; disruption to production and downtime; taking control of factories and machines (as operational technology is increasingly controlled remotely); and the damage they will cause to brand reputation.

Manufacturers are way behind in terms on security, as they have not been held to strict data compliance, as seen in other industries such as Healthcare and financial services. But the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which comes into force in 2018, will force manufacturers to disclose cyber attacks, even if no customer data was taken (Source: The Manufacturer).

Are you confident that all your business critical systems are safe from threat? Should investing more in cyber security and information security systems be one of your top priories?

Join us for the webinar where we will delve into the world of cyber security and discuss what you can do to protect your operations.

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Presentation takeaways:

Secure remote access – Discover why you need secure remote access and what options are available to keep your systems safe.

IT network security – Looking at the history and current status of cyber crime, the types of companies and networks affected, the type of threats occurring and the ways to mitigate from harm. The gap between IT and OT is narrowing, so find out how these functions need to work together harmoniously.

Security on your production line – As manufacturing processes become more connected with Industry 4.0 technologies and big data, production line systems are no longer hidden from harm and there are no more air-gaps. We will discuss the use of industry standard procedures such as installing patches and updates.

Antivirus protection – Why is antivirus important? Find out why all your machines anti-virus should be updated regularly and how it provides network level protection and allows central modifications, restricting local firewall configurations.

About the presenter: Chris has been with Cimlogic for nine years and in that time has been promoted from Lead Software Engineer to IT Manager. Chris has many years of experience not only installing and configuring solutions, but also building them and integrating them with other applications. Chris has been working within the IT industry since 1998, and has worked with small start-ups as well as large blue chip organisations, across many different sectors, working with shop-floor operators through to senior executives. As an IT Manager with Cimlogic, Chris works with some of the UK’s largest manufacturers. Chris has built systems that world class manufacturers now depend on for their profitability. In the field of the relatively untapped VMware for manufacturing IT, he has been able to manage any constraint or limitation of legacy automation systems, from SCADA PCs, to PLC Programming Stations, as well as dealing with proprietary networks such as DH+, MB+, Profibus etc. Previous to working for Cimlogic, Chris was a Senior Developer with Zestmedia/ Quba, he has many accreditations to his name including VMware VSP 5, VMware VTSP 4, VMware VTSP Infrastructure Virtualisation and VMware VTSP Management and Automation. Chris is also an accomplished linguist with a BA (Dual Hons) in English Literature and French.


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