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Quality by Design

The interest in Electronic Quality Management from UK Manufacturers is at an all-time high in 2015.

Quality ManagementWe’re hearing less and less comments like: “We don’t need to measure the quality of our production, because our raw materials costs are so low” and “Waste just isn’t that important to us” from Manufacturers than ever before.

But this is hardly a surprise, considering UK Manufacturers are consistently trying to keep up with demand from overseas, competing with lower cost markets to produce the highest quality goods in the most efficient way.

One faulty product is not only a loss of direct material costs, but also adds to indirect costs such as; labour, overheads, and energy. On top of that you have either lost the ability to make a profit from that particular unit, or you’ve potentially shipped an inferior product to the customer, and both can have disastrous effects.

If Quality Management isn’t something you’ve considered previously maybe it’s time to ask yourself:

What is the cost of rework?

What is the cost of labour associated with quality loss or rejects?

What is the cost of losing market reputation for non-quality products?

What is the cost of customer satisfaction?

The line between Quality Control and Operations

Quality needs to be an integrated function within operations for it to yield truly beneficial results. We have all been there, we’ve just finished a batch run, and then 2-3 days later the results are in from Quality Control and guess what… we need to scrap the whole batch!

Quality Control is not just for those with QC in their job title. Often shop floor operatives will just capture data, not truly understand it, and pass it off to someone else. Whereas the specialised, stand-alone data analysis performed in QC will give you the results, without a doubt.

But, by bringing QC and operations together, in process quality checks coupled with real-time results, you will really start to make step changes in production quality results.

By engaging those in operations, throughout the production cycle, by providing real-time feedback, or notifications of rule violations, upcoming tasks or HACCP checks, and by providing them with a workflow to execute if something is trending out of specification- will change your quality world!

Delivering actionable intelligence, giving the right information to the right people at the right time will give you a true Quality by Design process, rather than just Quality after design.

The follow up Process

If you have been successful in bringing engagement in quality right through the production process then any remedial actions will be simpler to implement. If operations are actively aware of the issues, because they saw it happening in real-time, implementations of actions from NC’s or CAPA’s will have instant buy in from all required.

Quality Control and Operations.

Collaboration is the new innovation!

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