Make 2015 Your Year for Efficiency

Post by Claire Healey on Thursday 1st January

Efficiency GraphMake 2015 Your Year for Efficiency: Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions for Manufacturers

January is a good time to reflect on the progress and achievements made over the previous year, and to plan where you want the business to be in the future months. Each year brings opportunities and challenges, so we’ve come up with a list of 6 top New Year’s resolutions for Manufacturers, designed to help you establish what is important and how to achieve your goals. It is likely that cutting manufacturing costs was high on your agenda in 2014 and will continue to be important as customers demand lower prices without sacrificing product quality.

Sustainable savings can derive from implementing smarter manufacturing processes such as supply chain technologies. Making even the smallest of changes in these 6 areas can significantly lower operating costs, boosting the bottom line. With the right solution in place, you’ll discover that anything is possible! Read our top resolutions to determine what is worth investing in for maximum ROI…

#1 Improve visibility into ProductionHaving a lack of visibility and knowledge into production processes and inefficiencies can really impair the quality of decision making. Implement processes and systems which provide the data and information needed to collaborate between departments and make sound business decisions.

#2 Too much Paperwork on the shop floor Using paper based manual systems can result in inaccurate information and cause poor decisions to be made. Replace paper based systems with electronic systems to benefit from accurate real-time manufacturing intelligence which will have an immediate and positive impact on operations, needed for effective decision making.

#3 Increase Quality & Meet Regulatory Compliance – Fixing quality problems can be very time consuming and costly. Eliminate common quality problems and reduce the number of defect products for a healthy bottom line. Have real time and historical data required for meeting regulatory compliance and customer audits.

#4 Improve Product Genealogy & Traceability – Reduce the cost of product recall and the damaging affects to brand reputation caused by poor quality products. Track and trace a product from ‘Farm to Fork’ for increased product quality, safety, transparency and improved recall responsiveness.

#5 Tackle rising Energy costs – With rising manufacturing energy costs and the need to meet social responsibility policies, it is key to drill down into the factors that impact energy efficiency of existing assets and machinery, in order to eliminate unnecessary energy costs. Savings start with monitoring and recording energy consumption; so identify the activities that waste energy and put a strategy in place to reduce them.

#6 Have a platform for Continuous Improvement – CI is at the heart of any LEAN initiative and so having a dedicated CI team in place from day one is important to drive the process and journey forward. The role of the team is to get buy in from operators and stakeholders so that everybody understands what role they play in the improvement process and that they see the potential value of the program, departmentally and companywide. Evolving an improvement culture and strategy across the whole organisation is vital to a successful CI program.

All of these top challenges can be addressed by the support of MES technology, which will result in far better results and a quicker return on investment. For more information please contact Cimlogic on 01274 599955 or email

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