13 Questions to Ask to Discover the True Benefits of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Post by Claire Healey on Wednesday 29th October

When evaluating the benefits of a implementing a new MES system one of the first tasks is to identify the issues, challenges and pain points amongst all of the business units within the manufacturing plant.

These issues and inefficiencies can have a real impact on the performance of other departments in terms of resources and time constraints, so getting a collective view from all stakeholders is very important.

Representatives from the different business units such as quality, operations and purchasing should be interviewed in order for you to gain a complete picture of the plant. Having a clear picture of the ‘here and now’ position will help you decide where you want the company to be in the future. The interviews should help establish the short and long term impacts of the situation, which in turn will help create an action plan for change. The impact of the problem could be as serious as putting the Health and Safety of your staff and customers at risk or failing to meet regulatory compliance.

To get you started read the full article ’13 Questions Reveal the Benefits of Manufacturing Execution Systems’ by an International board member of MESA; which lists 13 great questions to ask when getting to the bottom of your manufacturing processes. http://blog.mesa.org/2014/10/13-questions-reveal-benefits-of.html

The results will most definitely highlight the true benefits of implementing a new Manufacturing Execution Systems!



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