10 reasons why employee training is a vital part of manufacturing success

Post by Emma Simpson on Friday 4th December

Training FacilitiesBy John Aherne, Head of Service

Having the right Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system or Operational Technology (OT) system is only one part of the bigger picture.

In order to maximise manufacturing efficiency, you need staff members who know how to get the best from your equipment and software.

Cimlogic believe that training is not a cost, but an investment. By training your technicians and operators, they will be able to troubleshoot problems and ensure that your manufacturing activities are always at their most efficient ensuring that you remain at the top of your game.

1. The right training can ensure your employees are operating equipment and software correctly, providing you with true and accurate data, maximising the return you get on investment.

2. Training gives employees the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their work to the best of their ability, increasing productivity and quality of work.

3. Whether it is equipment training, software knowledge or how to apply solutions to specific legislation, training needs are continuously evolving just as the workplace is. Training means your business and your employees don’t get left behind and they stay working at their best, both today and in the future.

4. A driving factor behind employee engagement is training and development. Training can improve the performance of your staff, increase staff retention and help you to keep hold of your ‘star players’.

5. Training and development gives your employees an increased and more diverse skills set, meaning they can take on additional responsibilities while supporting their own career progression.

6. Highly skilled employees that are confident in performing their duties can assist in the delivery of higher customer satisfaction – boosting your reputation in the marketplace and helping to secure greater customer retention.

7. In addition to external training, internal training is a pivotal way to share best practice within your organisation. Trained, confident employees can assist in knowledge sharing throughout your organisation, assisting to develop common working procedures and strengthen internal relationships.

8. Most manufacturers operate within industries where strict government regulations must be met. Properly trained employees’ means that you will be operating safely and effectively as a business, reducing risks whilst maximising efficiencies.

9. Not only can training help you retain your best employees, but by being an employer that demonstrates a commitment to staff development makes your organisation more attractive when it comes to recruiting future talent.

10. Training your employees can give you a genuine competitive advantage over your competition. For example, if you and a competitor are both operating with similar equipment, customers and resources, then the competitive edge you can have is that your employees are better trained and therefore better placed to spot improvement opportunities.

To discuss or plan any training needs and the benefits this can have for your staff, your customers and your business please contact Cimlogic on 0800 195 6591 or you can email us at support@cimlogic.co.uk  

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